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Alnor knowledge base

The best single room heat recovery unit

2022-05-11The best single room heat recovery unit

A single-room heat recovery ventilation system is a great option for homeowners who want an effective ventilation system but cannot install a traditional mechanical ventilation system. Which SR heat recovery unit is right for you? Read our article to find out.

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HRV with zoning - How zoned HRV help reduce energy consumption?

2022-04-29HRV with zoning - How zoned HRV help reduce energy consumption?

We have an abundance of heat recovery system options. Our family can choose the perfect system based on the criteria: price, performance, and comfort. Can a HRV system be tailored to meet the needs of an individual household? Absolutely, with the SmartAIR mechanical ventilation system.

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Plastic ventilation systems - PVC | PP | PPs and more

2022-03-25Plastic ventilation systems - PVC | PP | PPs and more

Plastics based on polymers are applicable in many industry fields, The sanitary industry has taken advantage of the solutions based on the so called plastics for many years.

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Ventilation for Spas

2021-10-13Ventilation for Spas

In recent years, more and more spa facilities have been built. They are enjoying increasing interest among its customers. Due to their unusual nature and functions, these buildings are very heterogeneous and thus require a specialist approach at every stage of implementation, from design to execution.

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Corrosive environments vs. ventilation systems

2021-10-12Corrosive environments vs. ventilation systems

Pipes and ducts in HVAC systems are important for the operation in residential buildings as well as industrial facilities. The corrosion resistance and strength of the steel ventilation system depend on factors. Read the article to find out!

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Ventilation of laboratories

2021-10-08Ventilation of laboratories

Ventilation in the laboratory is necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of employees and good air quality during the product tests. Investigate the dangers of a poorly chosen ventilation system.

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HRV filters - Are all filters the same?

2021-08-31HRV filters - Are all filters the same?

Air exchange is the primary function of the ventilation system. When the MVHR system is used, the air is additionally filtered for pollutants before it is supplied to the rooms. Is every air filter going to ensure we don't breathe in smog?

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MVHR system - 12 most common installation mistakes

2021-08-19MVHR system - 12 most common installation mistakes

Even the best heat recovery units can have their capacity significantly reduced if they have been installed incorrectly. Since installation mistakes do happen, knowing what to pay special attention to and how to avoid them is very important.

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What is ventilation?

2021-07-23What is ventilation?

Ventilation is nothing more than the process of removing polluted air from rooms and providing fresh air in its place. Find out about the advantages and disadvantages of natural, mechanical and hybrid ventilation!

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Heat recovery unit with or without a preheater?

2021-07-22Heat recovery unit with or without a preheater?

If we are not one of those lucky people living in a sunny place where the temperature does not drop below zero, our heat recovery ventilation system requires protection of the heat exchanger against freezing. Is it worth investing in a pre-heater?

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