Rectangular Duct Silencer

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Rectangular Duct Silencer - for Rectangular Ducting

Rectangular sound attenuators (duct silencers) are intended for sound attenuation in ventilation and air conditioning systems. More often than not they are mounted between the fan and the air supply duct or air exhaust duct and before the air diffusers

Rectangular attenuator construction

The attenuator in the rectangular casing consists of housing and internal attenuating baffles. The housing is made of galvanized steel sheet and has frames at the ends made of sheet metal flange profiles. The baffle is rounded on one side and consists of a frame made of galvanised steel sheet and a sound-absorbing insert that absorbs the acoustic energy.

The sound-absorbing insert constitutes a combination of non-flammable mineral wool boards. Its external surface is covered with a special abrasion-resistant fabric that protects the mineral wool.

The mineral wool boards are covered with black glass fibre veil, the surface of which is adapted to the airflow with the speed of 20 m/s. The maximum temperature of the thermal energy carrier is 250°C. The product is non-flammable.

Silencing baffles (Sound attenuation splitters)

In terms of the design, we distinguish three types of attenuating baffles:

  • L - absorption baffles,
  • R – absorption-resonator baffles
  • P – absorption-resonator baffles, perforated

SLC, SRC and SPC rectangular silencers are mounted in ventilation runs with the vertically positioned baffles. In our offer except for ready rectangular attenuator, we also sell attenuating baffles separately. 

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