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FAQ - Cooperation

Order Confirmation

2021-12-29Order Confirmation

It can take time to establish a partnership with a new supplier. There are so many questions and procedures to discuss so that the cooperation is successful for both parties. To assist you with your first order in Alnor, we prepared a list of the most common questions asked.

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Terms of Payment

2021-12-29Terms of Payment

Do you have a question about payments? This FAQ section answers some of the most common billing questions: payment terms, invoices, credit limits, etc. Please feel free to send us an email if you cannot find the information you are seeking in any of the sections.

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Shipping and Logistics Services

2021-12-29Shipping and Logistics Services

No matter if You ordered 1 pallet or a full truck of goods, we can either ship the goods to You or you can pick them up yourself. Whichever you opt for, know what options are available. Find all the shipping details and costs in the FAQ section.

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How to make an order

2021-12-29How to make an order

This is your first time making a purchase? Are you a regular customer? Do you work in wholesale or HVAC construction? Alnor offers two ways to order based on your preferences: ✓by email with an inquiry ✓ online via B2B platform. Find out more ➟

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Complaints and Returns

2021-12-29Complaints and Returns

We are all working hard to deliver to our customers high-quality, safely packed, and secured goods. Still, even the best-laid-out technological and logistic procedures may leave room for improvement. Find out how to report your comments➟

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Production Lead Time

2021-12-29Production Lead Time

One of our strengths lies in our 10.000 square meter manufacturing facility and warehouse, where a large volume of our goods is ready to dispatch right from the shelf. In the case of larger orders or non-standard products, we can manufacture them for You. What is the lead time?➟

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