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ST-ROF system – roof feet and supports of highest quality

 Roof support system

Comprehensive solutions and universal product selection are highly desired properties for both the contractors and trading companies. Rooftop support system – ST-ROOF system - is designed to cut down on roofing installation costs and provide easy and quick assembly solutions.

Benefits of ST-ROF support system application:

  1. Exceptional load distribution of M&E services, HVAC units on roofs;
  2. Versatile support for heavy-duty mechanical services
  3. Compatible with STRUT channel support system 
  4. Bespoke roof support configurations 
  5. Non-penetrative support system; roof structure remains intact after installation;
  6. Easy access to roof surface without having to remove the installed items
  7. Highly aesthetic and durable workmanship for each installation.

Full Range of Rooftop Support Components
On the market, there are available different variations of rooftop system support to choose from, e.g. in our offer we have the comprehensive range of support foot, STRUT channel support system, anti-vibration mats - for clients to create their own sets according to their requirements or modular framework sets boxed for convenience.

ST-ROF-330 and ST-ROF-AW-330 roof supports

ST-ROF-330 and ST-ROF-AW-330 square roof support feet

The ST-ROF and ST-ROF-AW roof feet are made of glass fibre-reinforced polypropylene (PP) with 300mm x 300mm square base with a central fixture compatible with a 41x41 STRUT channel.  For flat 0o roofs, the entire foot rests on the roof’s surface, thus ensuring very stable support. For sloped roofs, up to 10o, it is possible to screw in stems to adjust the slope of the foot. Maximum load for each foot is 2 200 N.  
ST-ROF-AWL roof support feet

ST-ROF-AWL roof support feet

Vibration dampening on-roof feet ST-ROF-AWL are available in 250, 450, 600 and 1000 mm. They are made of processed rubber, highly resistant to UV radiation with height 90 mm and base width 160 mm. Each foot is fitted with 1 to 4 vertical holes with a sleeve joint to support the installation frame.
ST-ROF-AWL roof supports

ST-ROF-AWL-STR roof support feet with rail

ST-ROF-AWL and ST-ROF-AWL-STR are recommended for loads of up to 130 kg per one foot. At such loads, vibration dampening is at up to 92,2%.
Anti-vibration mat for HVAC equipment

ST-ROF-MAT Vibration-damping mat and ST-ROF-AF absorbing rubber-based adjustable feet

Vibration-damping mats for roof supports and feet ST-ROF-AWL are ancillary component of ST-ROOF system. These anti-vibration mats/pads are placed directly on the roof under roof feet or supports in order to insulate vibrations and noise generated by roof-installed equipment. They also protect the roof membrane from mechanical damage. Vibration-dampening mats are made of styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), and are available in two thicknesses: 10mm or 20mm; size: 330x330mm,  500 x 500 mm or 1000 x 1000 mm. ST-ROF-MAT anti-vibration mats can be easily cut into any shape to match the actual roof slope or the installation.

ST-ROF-SET roof support kit for HVAC equipment

ST-ROF-SET Roof support modular frames

Custom and DIY vs.  Off-the-Shelf Solution
ST-ROF-SET Roof support kit consists of perfectly matched elements - roof feet, sections of strut channel, screws, nuts, etc. There are available 4 basic versions of roof support frameworks – 4, 6, 8 and H-frame roof sets – depending on equipment’s size and weight. The set of roof supports consists of perfectly matched components – roof foot, mounting channels sections, screws, nuts, etc., thus installation is fast and simple. Modular frameworks can be used on a flat roof and a slightly pitched roof. The selected roof support modular framework is boxed for convenience. The carton box size is 400x400x1200. See below the list of ST-ROF-SET-H components.  

STRUT Channel Compatibility
ST-ROOF system is fully compatible with STRUT channel system. In our offer - LDBST strut channel is available in the following sizes : 21mm x 41mm and 41mm x 41mm – the later size fits ST-ROF feet perfectly. The product is available in 2, 4 and 6 meter sections as well as in thicknesses: 1.5; 1.6; 1.9; 2.0; 2.5 mm. When constructing the support frame for ventilation ducts or other roof-mounted equipment, You can easily cut the channel down to required sections on site or send us an inquiry for the customized set of roof supports  [see our standard  4 kits available from stock

The lateral rail can be connected to the horizontal one by means of the LDB-BE-41 coupling, which ensures good aesthetics and a sturdy coupling. In order to fasten the LDB-BE-41 to the rail, SRS steel screws are required along with PDS washers and NKS nuts. It is possible to use the SNP or SNL sliding bolts - instead of the standard nut and washer.  LDB-U coupling is used when building flat frames to support bigger items above the roof surface. They may also be used to build bridges and platforms to move above the roof surface.  Depending on the actual requirement, support structure and design, it is possible to utilize other available components of the LDB STRUT assembly system.


  1. ventilation and air handling units,
  2. chillers,
  3. heat pumps and solar panels,
  4. platforms and bridges
  5. air-conditioners and refrigerating units,
  6. ventilation and AC ducts or piping,
  7. solar panels
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ST-ROF system – roof feet and supports of highest quality
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