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Duct supports for round duct

Photo of product FAA/ FAAL/ FAAT

The FAA... roof duct supports are designed for installation
of round ventilation ducts on flat surfaces, e.g. on the roof.
The standoff design enables free circulation of air around
the ducts. The ducts are kept above the water drained from
the roof surface, and in winter, snow can be easily removed
from below the ducts. If the roof ductwork is exposed to
strong winds, latched models are recommended to prevent
the ducts from being pulled out of the support bands. All
types of roof duct supports are mounted to the roof with
two screws passing through the holes in the lower section
of the base.
Standard height: 75 mm. Available on request: 120 mm.
Mounting hole diameter Ø 8.5 mm.

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