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Complaints and Returns

If I have comments about a delivery, how should I report them?

It is very important to check the delivery in the presence of the transport company – the number of pallets, damage to pallets or packaging. If there is any damage, make an appropriate entry in the shipping documents. All shipments are insured against damage in transit, which is why this is so important and it will be the basis for your complaint.

If quantitative or qualitative discrepancies are found upon receipt of the goods, please report to us immediately after delivery:

  1. You need to fill out the claim form available on our website and send it to
  2. The form will go directly to the complaint department; once the claim is accepted, a registered complaint number will be sent.
  3.  The application will be reviewed and a decision sent. The Quality Control Department has 14 days to respond.
  4. For more information on what is taken into account when examining a complaint, see The Terms of Order Processing – Claims (page 12) 

If for any reason the customer wants to return an item? What is the procedure in such a case?

The goods may be returned up to 1 month from the date of delivery, except for returnable packaging – MOBIL-RACK racks (for transport of SPIRAL ducts) are accepted up to 6 months from the date of delivery.
To return products or returnable packaging you must:

  1. Download the return form.
  2. Send the completed return form to to arrange a return with Quality Control Department.
  3. Returns can only be sent back after receiving positive feedback and scheduling a return date.
  4. Returned merchandise must be accompanied by a completed return card.
  5. Returns sent without agreement will not be accepted by the warehouse of ALNOR Systemy Wentylacji.

Each agreed return is entered into the warehouse system; in the absence of an entry of such a return, the return will not be accepted.

IMPORTANT: There is an additional fee to return products – this fee is associated with accepting, verifying and distributing the return to warehouse locations. The value of the returned assortment will be reduced by 10% of the value, but not less than EUR 10 (unless specified otherwise).
We reserve the right to refuse a return – for more on why we refuse a return, please see our The Terms of Order Processing – Returns (p. 10).