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Increase efficiency with EPP plenum boxes

Increase efficiency with EPP plenum boxes

Plenum boxes for air valves in MVHRs (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery). The FLX-PLO-EPP plenum box is insulated through the use of expanded polypropylene (EPP), eliminating the need for additional insulation. The ergonomic design of the plenum box and the small diameter of the semi-rigid ducting (FLX-HDPE make it possible to mount the entire system in the tight spaces in between the ceilings, saving space. These EPP plenum boxes have a TPE gasket on the spigots - such connections with FLX-HDPE ducts are very secure and easy to install. The air distribution system with EPP plenum boxes achieves class C airtightness. 

Why should I use EPP plenum boxes? 

  • High thermal insulation: EPP is an insulating material with λ = 0.039, the plenum box wall thickness is from 8 to 31 mm 
  • The contoured interior of the plenum box minimizes pressure drops
  • The airtightness class C
  • Corrosion resistant 
  • Simple and easy assembly - press-fit 
  • Equipped with 3 solid mounting holes for easy assembly 
  • Flange with female connector for direct connection to an air valve 
  • The plenum box body is made of EPP, the spigots are made of ABS, and TPE seals 
  • Excellent mechanical strength 
  • Available in two variants: 1 x Ø75 mm and 2 x Ø75 mm.



Download the pdf file for FLX-PLO-EPP




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