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Shipping and Logistics Services

Who will pay the transport costs when I order goods? What does it look like?

We make deliveries based on terms: EXW Wola Mrokowska. When confirming your order, we will inform you about the volume - you can arrange the transport yourself or we can propose transport arranged by our logistics - we always look for the best option in the market and determine the cost. We usually send goods in the amount of up to five pallets by courier; in case of larger quantities, we combine orders or send a full vehicle.

It is also possible to set DAP terms, we do it on a case-by-case basis, depending on the range of products and order quantity.

If I collect the order personally, how should I arrange the arrival of the vehicle to ensure that it is loaded quickly?


We will confirm your order and set the date of receipt; we will also inform you about the minimum dimensions of the vehicle to ensure that all goods will be loaded.

Two days before the planned date you have to send us the registration number and arrival time of the vehicle; this way, we can ensure that the order is prepared in advance and your driver does not wait in vain.
If you have to carry out a customs clearance procedure, plan the collection of the goods and collect the goods well in advance to ensure that the driver can get there before the closing time, especially before the weekend break.