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Ventilation ducts with antibacterial coating for people who suffer from allergies

Hygiene flexible air ducts

      Flexible hygienic ducts offered by Alnor are used in rooms with high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. The IZODUCT-HY and ALUDUCT-HY ducts have antibacterial coating which prevents the development of moulds, bacteria and fungi, so they satisfy the specific needs of persons suffering from allergy.

The ALAD-HY-L and ALAD-HY-3 hygienic ducts and the thermally insulated ALID -HY-L and ALID-HY-3 ducts are made of multilayer aluminium and polyester. Insulated ducts have 25 mm thick mineral wool layer. Additionally inside the ducts have antibacterial protection and are reinforced with spirally wound spring wire. The ducts prevent development of harmful bacteria, fungi and moulds in ventilation ducts.

The ALAD-HY-L and ALID-HY-L ducts are resistant to temperature up to 150oC, while the ALAD-HY-3 and ALID-HY-3 – up to 250oC. Insulated ducts ALID-HY-3 are recommended for ventilation and air-condition systems. Antibacterial properties of the ducts are the result of closure of silver particles in polymer capsules that are activated by a catalytic mechanism. Silver ions are not released on the surface which effects the high performance and long-lasting anti-allergic properties.

Thanks to implemented technology the ducts are completely environment friendly, non-toxic, odourless and they do not have a harmful impact on the environment.    

Flexivble air ducts with antimicrobal coat
Ventilation ducts with antibacterial coating for persons suffering from allergy
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