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Diffusers and jet nozzles


Intakes are used as ending pieces for ventilation systems to be placed in wall or ceiling surfaces. They are perfect for office facilities, shopping centers and other public utility buildings. It’s a perfect solution when it is necessary to both ensure proper air exchange parameters in an interior and at the same time preserve the aesthetics of interior arrangement.

For warm and cold air

The DKF round diffusers can be used to supply both warm and cold air. It is possible to change between horizontal and vertical air intake, allowing to alternate warm and cold air flow. In standard configuration, they are adapted for vertical intakes, to change this, set the intake guiding rail to the lowest possible position.

Vane diffuser

DKF Circular vane supply diffusers

To ensure optimum airflow parameters, it is suggested to use plenum boxes. These intakes are perfect endings for outtake ventilation systems.

To facilitate installation cleaning as well as easy access to the duct, the conical intake surface can be removed.

ACL circular plaque face diffusers have a similar application. Very delicate, aesthetic appearance means they will be nearly invisible when installed on white ceiling surfaces. This allows ensuring comfortable air distribution without interfering with the interior arrangement. The supply diffusers allow to supply and extract warm and cold air in three directions, this means they should meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Circular diffuser

ACL Circular supply diffusers

Stable air flow parameters based on individual settings

Intakes with perforated front plate are available both in the round ACP and square AKP variant. The construction of the intakes allows to supply and outtake cold air The supplied air can be distributed in 1, 2 or three directions. By utilizing plenum boxes and being able to adjust the airflow for each individual component, it is possible to perfectly match the supplied air flow to the requirements of a particular interior. The intakes can be removed for cleaning or system inspection.

Perforated square diffuser

AKP Square perforated diffusers

For large areas

ITG nozzles are dedicated to ventilation systems operating in large interiors. The nozzles can be used to supply both warm and cold air. They allow adjusting the air flow by rotating the guides along the central axis of the nozzle. Standard intake and nozzle models are made from galvanized steel, powder coated, color: RAL9016. To preserve the white color, individual components can be easily removed and wiped with a cloth. It is possible to order the components in the selected RAL color, to match the interior arrangement.

Jet diffuser

ITG Jet diffusers

Alnor diffusers and jet nozzles
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