Recuperation equals savings


Recuperation has become a fashionable trend in the modern construction business, mostly due to the savings potential it offers. Additionally, the growing investor awareness and better availability of the energy-saving materials mean that mechanical ventilation systems win more and more popularity. Additionally, recuperation lends itself very well to the current construction trends to optimize the costs with building efficiency.

What can we save on??

Save on expenditure Recuperator is a device that recovers heat energy.

Guarantees the proper air condition.

We seldom realize that man requires nearly 30 m3 of fresh air per hour to function normally. On the other hand, the main task of the energy-saving materials is to ensure maximum building insulation. To avoid problems such as steam condensation on windows, or fungus appearing on the corners, there is no other way than to introduce fresh air. Recuperation solves all these problems by ensuring controlled and energy efficient air exchange in the room.

Ventilation depending on atmospheric conditions.

Modern devices allow for highly effective heat recovery. Recuperators with counter-current exchangers, air flows are parallel, but go in different directions. The small ducts through which the air flows are triangular in section. In such a solution, contact points are larger, which means recovery efficiency is greater. Additionally, new technology prevents the exchanger from freezing at temperatures below zero.

Maximum adjustment to the user’s requirements.

Recuperation is a highly flexible solution, allowing to intelligently manage the entire installation depending on the actual needs of the members of the household. All this thanks to intelligent control systems, which can be programmed for different capacity modes - for daytime and nighttime. It is possible to program the recuperator unit to, for example, only work at full capacity when we have guests, then switch to minimum capacity, for example when we are out on vacation.

We breathe healthier and cleaner air.

There is little doubt that fresh air is beneficial to our health. Filters also act as separators, they block all the things which are bad for our health. They control air quality and filter out all the dust and, but also kill all the outside bacteria and odors.


Recuperation equals savings
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