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MOCarz-CA - Upgraded air filtration with activated carbon




The new MOCarz-CA a filter box has been equipped with a brand new active carbon filter. In MOCarz-AC filter box, the initial flat filter was replaced with an activated carbon filter with the „W” design. The main purpose of such a material is deodorization of the air and preliminary cleaning of dust and gaseous pollutants. It doesn’t generate additional air flow resistance in comparison to the standard MOCarz version!



Referred to also as activated charcoal or activated carbon is a substance in the form of dust consisting of elemental carbon, and finely crystalline graphite. The most important feature of actrivated carbon is a vast surface of adsorption (not to be confused with absorption). Adsorption is the process by which liquid or gaseous molecules are concentrated on a solid surface, in this case activated carbon (activated charcoal). This is different from absorption, where molecules are taken up by a liquid or gas. Carbon subjected to a special treatment (temperature, hot gases, oxygen) obtains a large surface porosity - 1 gram of carbon can have surface area of 3000m2! In this way activated carbon „binds” effectively onto its surface particles of pollutants, bacteria, hydrocarbons.



The smog filter is designed for effective filtration of the so-called particulate matter. The PM2.5 and PM10 particles are the main component of smog, which have an optical diameter of 2.5 and 10 μm (micrometers). The filtration efficiency (removal) of PM2.5 particles reaches up to 73%, and PM10 particles up to 81% (according to tests carried out with a dust particle measuring device). The smog duct filter consists of a sealed filter box and two filters: prefilter and smog filter. It is recommended to install a smog filter on the supply ducts in domestic ventilation and heat recovery systems.

ou probably already have such a filter in your car. Install it also in your home!


Filtracja węglem
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