14 Things You Need to Know about PremAIR

Heat recovery unit
Already here! Our newest heat recovery unit - designed and constructed by Alnor's R&D department - PremAIR-450 with 90.3% heat recovery. The latest components available on the market were used for its design and production - see for Yourself - get to know 14 things that You simply need to know about PremAIR.

1. Energy-saving EC fans

  • the arrangement of fans and supply-exhaust spigots was specifically designed to achieve the highest unit efficiency: 90.3%

Energy-saving fans PremAIR

2. Modulating By-pass 

  • enables the unit operation with free-cooling and free-heating functions.

3. Auto Restart

  • if the main power has been cut, the operation settings remain, after the power is restored, the unit restarts automatically according to the memory.

4. Certified counterflow heat exchanger  

  • Aluminium counterflow heat exchanger
  • Enthalpy exchanger: has a polymer membrane that effectively recovers heat and moisture from the extract air
  • sealing material hygienically tested and microbial inert according to DIN EN ISO 846

heat exchanger

5. State-of-the-art casing made of expanded polypropylene (EPP)

  • lightweight construction – only 35kg
  • high thermal insulation, no thermal bridges 
  • high acoustic insulation

6. It's possible to install an additional condensation drain:

  • a good solution when the A/C system is already installed at home

7. Interchangeable spigot design:

  • the unit is supplied with steel duct spigots with seals, which can be easily replaced with reducers or bends

Pressed bends

Male connector delivered as a standard set can be replaced with e.g. bends (from left BPL-90 pressed bend, BPDL-90 1.5 bend, and F-BPL-90/45 rubber foam insulated bend ). It's recommended to use components from the SPIRAL® system since they are fully compatible with the unit.

  • on the metal spigot, You can install, e.g. EPP ducts and fittings 

 EPP fittings


Thermally insulated EPP pipes & fittings >>> check technical data

EPP thermal piping

8. Wall and floor mounting: 

  • the standard set includes: mounting rack, mounting feet (4 pcs), wall plugs and condensation drain

Wall and floor mounting

9. G4 Filters (standard):

  • G4 pleated panel filter creates a larger media surface for air filtration and ensures lower pressure drops, 
  • filters are classified as in the ISO Coarse 70% according to ISO 16890

10. F7 Filters (option):

  • classified as a fine filter according to EN 779:2012 norm, 
  • classified as ePM1 55% in accordance with the new standard ISO 16890.

Filters for heat recovery unit

 PremAIR app

11. Modern automation:

  • advanced wireless communication
  • unit control via sensors
  • LAN gateway for Internet connection and control via a mobile application ( for Android and iOS systems)

PremAIR app
Download PremAIR app>>>
Available for download in Google Play and App Store: PremAIR



12. Intelligent Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)

  • the use of CO2 and RH sensors allows automatic adjustment with stepless control,
  • both too little or too much fresh air in a building can be an issue: overventilation lead to higher energy consumption so higher costs, on the other hand, inadequate ventilation leads to poor air quality that can cause occupant discomfort and health problems. 

13. It's possible to connect a 1.5kW electric preheater

 Preheater for heat recovery unit

14. A full range of dedicated accessories

  • controllers for the heat recovery unit operation:

 HRV controllers

  • CO2 and RH (humidity) sensors for smart demand control ventilation (DCV)

sensors for HRV

  • additional accessories, namely, F7 filters, electric preheater, smog filter box and duct silencers. 

Preheater for heat recovery unit
From the left: F7 filters; HDE electric heater; MOCarz anti-SMOG filter, SIL duct silencer 

For more information about HRU-PremAIR-450 please check technical sheet and user's manual

Wszystko o PremAIR
PremAIR brochure 
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