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Access doors for round ducts

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The IPR-HT access door features a ceramic gasket and it is designed for installation on round duct walls. The design of the IPR-HT access door and its gasket profile provide a perfect seal around the duct opening. This ensures a high air tightness class.
The product provides a very simple, low-cost and extremely effective solution for closing and sealing access openings in the ductwork. The openings made in the ductwork for access doors must be sized to meet the requirements of EN 12097.
The access door is installed in the opening made using the cutting template supplied with the product. When the lock knobs are undone, the spacing between the outer and inner covers of the access door expands for the inner cover to enter the ductwork inner diameter. Once the access door has been adjusted to the opening, it is closed by tightening the lock knobs.

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