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Regulating dampers with mounting plate for actuator

Photo of product DASML / DASM

Dampers with servomotor shelf, available in sizes from Ø80 to Ø630mm,
including sizes in between. The servomotor shelf is installed so as to
admit an insulation thickness of up to 50mm. DASML/DASM dampers can be
employed wherever completely airtight shut-off is not required.

The setting angle can be adjusted using a mechanical end stop screw fitted
directly onto the servomotor.If the damper is to be operated outdoors,
the motor should be protected against UV radiation and precipitation.
It is possible to use various servomotors with each of the dampers.

DASM – shut-off damper for servomotor.
DASML – shut-off damper for servomotor, with gaskets on flanges.

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