Preinsulated spiral ductwork - IZOL®safe-system

Photo of product family: Preinsulated spiral ductwork - IZOL®safe-system

Pre-insulated ducts and fittings, designed for both indoor and outdoor applications are called IZOL®safe-system. IZOL®safe-system consists of inner and outer galvanised wall, and air in the middle. The distance between inner and outer walls is maintained by means of special spacer. Nominal dimension of diameter 100 - 250 mm always defines inner ducts diameters and fittings diameters.

Insulation: air thermal conductivity is about 0.025 W / mK. This means that the air is almost twice as much better isolator than wool insulation. This guarantees greater savings. All fittings in IZOL®safe-system are air insulated. Inner and outer walls are made of galvanised steel sheet.

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