IZOL®MARINE System pre-insulated dampers

Photo of product DARLI

The DARLI damper with gasket and marine type insulation is a regulating damper, built into the air distribution system, that allows for the change of the air flow resistance, and consequently change of the air stream.  the damper plate is shaped is such way, that when closed still allows 20% of air stream to pass through. DARLI is made of galvanized steel or aluminium and special wool for marine application, meeting the  International Maritime Organization (IMO) FTP-Code standards. Such insulation is about 45% lighter than its equivalent for land construction, which is an essential factor for ship deadweight, payload capacity ore fuel consumption.
It combines high thermal and acoustic performance as well.

Available versions:

  • DARLI-10 with 10 mm layer of insulation
  • DARLI-16 with 16 mm layer of insulation
  • DARLI-25 with 25 mm layer of insulation

Available materials:

  • DARLI - galvanised steel and mineral wool insulation
  • DARLI-A aluminium and mineral wool insulation