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Square cone diffusers - one piece 4-Way

Photo of product NCD-S

The NCD-S square diffusers are compatible with low- and
medium-pressure ventilation systems as well as A/C air supply
and exhaust ducts. They can be used in steady and variable
airflow systems and environmental RH up to 70%.
The vane angle is fixed. As a result, the diffuser provides a
horizontal air flow and it is recommended for spaces with a
maximum ceiling height of 4 m.

The diffuser is designed for installation on square ducts,
to plenum (expansion) boxes and as ductwork termination on the suspended ceiling using screws.
The diffusers are light-weight easy-to-install products and
require no additional bracing of suspended ceiling panels.
The diffuser vanes can be removed without detaching the entire diffuser.

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