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Connecting clamp (pull rings) with bolt and pin

Photo of product FLKA-C

The FLKA clamp is the most important component of TRANS-Quick System ventilation installations. It is used to connect two components - ventilation pipes or fittings of circular cross-section. Pipe and fittings have a rolled-up edge at
a height of 5-7 mm at 90 degrees angle. The components are clamped together with connecting clamps snapped into place quickly and effectively sealing it centripetally.

The major advantage of the clamp-together system is its quick assembly and disassembly without having to displace the installation – 1 - 3 components can be removed without taking apart the others. Smooth interior, no internal inserts
which could block the airflow if covered with sawdust or other particles - fewer bug harbors and snag opportunities.

Additonally the clamp is equipped with a bolt which needs to be tightened to ensure system airtitghenss.

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