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Plenum boxes with long connection spigot for air valve

Photo of product FLX-PRO-L

FLX-PRO-L plenum boxes fit the FLX-HDPE and FLX-HDPE-A ducts
in diameter 63mm to help to build an air distribution ductwork in
mechanical ventilation systems (including systems with heat
recovery). The low profile plenum boxes require less installation
space than standard solutions, which is very convenient when
they should not be prominent once concealed. This advantage
helps free up usable indoor area.

The FLX-PRO-L plenum boxes are made from galvanized
steel sheet. Special versions made from stainless steel are available on request.
The FLX-PRI-L is a version of this product with insulation made
from 9 mm thick rubber foam installed inside the plenum box.
All plenum boxes are fabricated with outward pressure welds.
The FLX-USZ EPDM gaskets installed in the plenum box increase
the airtightness to class C as per EN 12237.

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