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End caps for semi-rigid-ducting or/and plenum boxes

Photo of product FLX-CS-PVC/ FLX-CF-PVC

The FLX-CS-PVC end cap is used for plugging the ends of FLX-HDPE and FLX-HDPE-A ducts,
e.g. when installing ducting on the construction site - they effectively protect
against contamination of the interior of the ducts. At the same time, FLX-CS-PVC end cap
is also used to plug unused connection spigots in plenum boxes and FLX-PLO distribution boxes
(but they are not inserted inside the spigot but onto it).

FLX-CF-PVC end caps are used for plugging unused connection spigots in plenum boxes and
FLX-PRO distribution boxes. The end caps are made of PVC.

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