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Fire damper

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Fire dampers are shutters in ducts of air-conditioning devices that prevent spreading
the fire and combustion products from one fire segment to the other one by means
of closing the duct in the points of fire separating constructions.

The damper blade automatically closes the air duct using a shutting spring or
an actuating mechanism of back spring. The shutting spring is activated by pressing
the start button or by the impulse from the thermal fuse. The back spring of
the actuating mechanism is started when the thermoelectric starting mechanism BAT
is activated, when the reset button on BAT is pressed or when the power supply to
the actuating mechanism is stopped.

After closing the blade, the damper is sealed with a silicon packing against smoke
penetration. The damper can be delivered with a seal without silicone at
the customer's wish. At the same time, the damper blade is embedded in a material which enlarges its volume due to increasing temperature and hermetically seals the air duct. The dampers have one inspection hole, as the shutting device and the inspection hole can be set to the most advantageous position with respect to operation and handling of the control device by turning the damper a little in case of the spiro model of the dampers.

Fire damper characteristics

  • CE certified acc. to EN 15650
  • Tested in accordance with EN 1366-2
  • Classified acc. to EN 13501-3+A1
  • Fire resistance EIS 60
  • External Casing leakage class C, Internal leakage class 3 acc. to EN 1751
  • Cycling test in class C 10000 acc. to EN 15650
  • Corrosion resistant acc. to EN 15650
  • ES Certificate of conformity No. 1391-CPR-2019/0161/O1
  • Declaration of Performance No. PM/FDMR60/01/20/1
  • Hygienic assessment of fire dampers - Report No. 1.6/pos/19/19b
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