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Flexible duct connector for circular ducts without flanges

Photo of product ILA-NS/ILA-MSF

Flexible ducting connector with male ends for joining two spiral or plain round ducts. Most commonly used for reducing vibration caused by ventilation and heat recovery units as well as duct fans. Flexible ducting connector eliminates the transmission of vibration to the ducting system- consequently improving the acoustic performance of the installation. It is made of AMT flexible duct connector (a joint consisting of a layer of fabric and two strips of sheet metal on both sides), which is available in different dimensions and materials also with increased temperature resistance.

Types of flexible ducting connector

  • flexible duct connectors with flanges - ILA-FLS - often used for joining with industrial duct fans.
  • flexible duct connectors with EPDM seals and male ends - ILA-NSL 
  • rectangular duct connectors - QILA 
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