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Round duct flange for spiral ducts and fittings

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FLS steel flanges
are components for the prefabrication of round duct parts made from galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel sheet. The flanges are bolted together with SRS steel screws, PDS-P washers, and NKS nuts.

What are duct flanges used for?

They are mainly used to manufacture roof air intake and exhaust bases in which the flanges stabilize the joints exposed to otherwise damaging wind loads. The FLS duct flanges can be used for butt-joining round ducting and fittings.

They provide excellent rigidity to ductwork exposed to deforming loads. The duct flanges are also used to fabricate connections for ductwork silencers directly attached to duct fans or roof fans with flanged joints.

Flat circular flanges for round ducts and fittings
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