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Square damper prefabricated components

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DSQW damper components are kits intended for DIY
fabrication. Required components: 2x QSB side angles - height
and the number of holes according to the overall damper
height, QPA aluminium damper blades - 100 mm high (length
equal to the ductwork clear width and quantity according
to the overall damper height), QKZ gears in a quantity equal
to the number of damper blades, QOTD long gear shafts,
short shafts for QPL-8 bearings installed in QSB holes — i.e.
its quantity is always 2x the number of the gears and shafts.
Building a damper requires adding the following components:
PQ flange profile, NQ corners, sheet panels for the top
and bottom angles, a control linkage rod, and KKS-2 damper
mechanism (if the unit is to be adjusted by hand).

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