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Wall-mounted non-return air exhaust vent

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The air exhaust vent is a multi-blade, self-closing and nonreturn
valve with aluminium blades. The special blade design
allows automatic air flow admission under pressure. When
the air flow pressure is zero, the air exhaust vent is closed
shut. When the connected air handling unit is offline, the air
exhaust vent prevents air backflow.

The housing is made of galvanized steel angles. The blades
are made of aluminium sections. All blades are provided with
sealing gaskets. The blade height is the same for all product
sizes. The blade bearings are fitted inside the upright sections.
The versions with vertical partitions are available when:
A ≥ 1400 mm according to the following requirements:
for 1400 mm < A ≤ 2100 mm, a single partition is installed;
A > 2100 mm features more than one partition.

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