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Wentyle 3.2 - NEW elements

ALNOR | aktualności
We would like t recommend for tests and implementation the freshest version of special program WENTYLE 3.2., which was spread by interesting and useful application and statement.

  • The library of elements with SPIROVAL ® system – including the data base of ducts and bends with oval vertical cross.
  • The statement with measurement of elements including surface of ducts and bends counted accordingly to DIN 18379. To prepare calculation this is possible to add parameter which helps to calculate approximate value for all small ducts and bends.
  • Creation of statements to KNR – where the program divide ducts and bends for sections accordingly to diameters and group of perimeters. As a result we can get the sum of surface development for further calculations.
  • Adding “Command” to searching bend by number and calculation the speed in duct by drawing accordingly to path.

We would like to encourage for taking up free of charge complete version of this program.