SMART Ventilation System with Zoning

SMART Ventilation System with Zoning


What is the SmartAIR system?

SmartAIR heat recovery system with zoning is the most intelligent, efficient system on the market. Why is it intelligent?

The ventilation system works independently, based on readings from sensors. Besides knowing how many people are in the house, the system also knows where they are.

Thus, it provides the right amount of air at the right time and place. A situation like this can be achieved by zoning, i.e. by dividing the house into day and night zones in accordance with the natural cycle of the day of the household members.

Here's how it might look:

  1. At night, we ventilate the night zone, e.g. bedrooms located on the 1st floor.
  2. In the daytime, we ventilate the day zone, which includes the living room and dining room.

Obviously, this is a simplified representation of how the algorithms may work. An intelligent HRV system requires sensors spread across multiple rooms to work (min. 2 sensors).

CO2, humidity, and motion detectors measure the air quality level (IAQ), as well as the presence of household members. Once they determine the air demand in a given zone, they send a signal.

As a result, the heat recovery system blows only as much air as is required by the residents, and not as much as the installer intended.

Would you like to live in a smart house? Choose the SmartAIR system

How about the most efficient system that uses as little energy as possible? Are you interested in smart technologies that minimize energy consumption? This mechanical ventilation system with zoning is the solution for you.

Ventilation designed for people, not buildings 

Control in the ventilation system with zoning is fully automatic. No resident interaction is necessary.

Installation needs to be adjusted only once. It will then regulate itself to meet the actual needs of the household. The sensor readings will be transmitted to the air handling unit in real-time, so the ventilation system operation will reflect actual needs.

Using that information, the heat recovery unit will deliver the right amount of fresh air at the right time and place.

As long as one of the zones is ventilated, the regulating T-piece sends a signal to the air handling unit to proportionally decrease the airflow, drastically reducing the electrical consumption. The reduced efficiency of the air handling unit reduces the power consumption as well as the energy used for heating.

Benefits of the SmartAIR system:

  • Saves energy - the heat recovery unit uses less electricity,
  • Enhanced comfort - the HRU is quieter,
  • High efficiency - a controlled level of fresh air, as required,
  • Less energy needed for heating,
  • ECO - the most energy-efficient way to control a heat recovery system,
  • SMART - the system designed to adapt to your needs,
  • You are always in control - monitor all parameters in the app.

SmarAIR system technical sheetDownload the technical sheet for the SmartAIR system

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