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Advantages of the window-reveal module:
  • Nearly “invisible” installation in the window reveal, which preserves the aesthetic appearance of the facade (the only element visible from the outside of the building is a ventilation grille)

  • Flexible and easy installation
  • The choice of "right-sided" or "left-sided" assembly in the window reveal
  •  Adjustable length of the plenum box
  •  Perfect solution for installation in old / renovated buildings, especially during energy renovations,
  •  Installation in the building insulation layer, which doesn’t  obstruct the look of the façade

 hru-wall-wrev   Download the technical sheet of the HRU-WALL-WREV window reveal module


hru-wall-wrev   How to install the HRU-WALL-WREV – check assembly instruction


 These and other products for ventilation and heat recovery can be found in the PRODUCTS section