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FLX - Reku - flexible ventilation system HDPE

FLX - Reku - flexible ventilation system HDPE


New elements of FLX-Reku system in Alnor’s offer:

  • flexible ducts FLX-OVAL - 132x52 - the surface area as FLX-90 - the height of only 52,
  • fittings, plexum boxes and flexible oval ducts - perfect for mounting on the floor in the insulation space,
  • plexum boxes FLX-PLO ? with EPDM seals - you get tightness class C - without additional sealing,
  • if you need a unusual plexum boxes - send us a technical drawing.


Download the pdf technical of FLX-Reku Oval system


These and other products for ventilation and heat recovery can be found in the PRODUCTS section