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Does EDI FACTully offer you security?

Does EDI FACTully offer you security?

EDIFACT: Use the modern language and standard for electronic data exchange developed by the United Nations. Order quickly and easily in ALNOR with EDIFACT!

What is EDI?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) refers to automatic electronic data interchange using predetermined communication formats. The result is that data can be transferred between different computer systems. EDI improves the flow of information between companies as well as the circulation of documents.

What EDIFACT can do for you?


1. The safe transmission of commercial data,
2. Cost savings and time savings,
3. Data accuracy on sales and financial documents,
4. Your ERP system, warehouse program communicates directly with our SAP B1 system,
5. There will be no lost documents - neither your order nor our invoice.

EDI - implemented = tested

1. Polish trading companies,
2. German trading companies, including DIY,
3. Scandinavian trading companies.

EDI - What do we need to prepare?

1. Your ILN as a customer,
2. ILN of delivery location - your warehouses/branches,
3. Product Index list = products we will trade,
4. Multiples quantity (Stock unit)  = packages or individual items,
5. The format of your order reference = numerical, markings, etc.
6. EDI codes - D96A and D96B were applied in our case,
7. A video meeting where you, your IT department, and our IT department, together with us, will discuss the schedule of the project and the dates.

Interested? Get in touch with your salesperson or the manager of the Sales Department ( if EDI has convinced you to start working with us.