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CSQ / WSQ External Air Louvres - New design

CSQ / WSQ External Air Louvres - New design

External Louvres are designed termination of the ventilation ductwork. Installed on the external walls, Louvres make a  difference to a building's overall aesthetics.

That is why we’ve modified the design of our rectangular weather louvres. CSQ Wall-mounted intake and WSQ exhaust louvres in sizes up to 600x600mm:

  • are manufactured from formed sheet metal
  • the frame of louvre is 30mm wide
  • the CSQ external weather louvre in equipped with QLIN-IN wire mesh

Thanks to the implemented modification, weather louvres are more aesthetically pleasing and cheaper.
Interested in new prices? Contact your Salesperson or send an inquiry to the Sales Department:

We’ve tested external louvres in accordance with EN 13030: 2001 - classification, rated A – D designates the “effectiveness” Class of the weather louvre against water (rain) penetration.

Note: The changes in the design apply to external louvres made from  galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum in sizes up to 600x600mm.

External louvres in larger sizes over 600x600mm are still manufactured using blade profiles QPPC, QPRC and QNT corner pieces, therefore the frame width is 40mm.


csq / wsq

Download the pdf file for CSQ / WSQ

Download the pdf file for CSQ-A / WSQ-A

Download the pdf file for CSQ-K / WSQ-K


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