Air duct humidifier for MVHR system

Air duct humidifier for MVHR system


You want your home to have optimal air humidity, right? Get a HomeEvap duct humidifier!

An air duct humidifier allows you to regulate the relative humidity in your home. It can also solve the problem of dry air. HomeEvap air humidifiers are energy-efficient devices designed to be installed in mechanical ventilation systems with a maximum air volume of 600 m3/h.

Why should you buy a HomeEvap humidifier?

  • improves home comfort by regulating relative humidity,
  • the process of air humidification is natural - water evaporation,
  • suitable for direct installation in an HRV  system,
  • the automatic and energy-efficient operation,
  • easy to install and maintain,
  • EPP is used for the housing, and fibreglass for the matrix.
  • built-in PTC heater,
  • Legiosafe® water filter prevents bacteria growth
  • duct sensor (included) measures RH and prevents condensate from forming in ventilation ducts,
  • a wireless room controller and a duct sensor control the humidifier,
  • HRQ-HUM-HomEvap-200 set includes wireless controller, duct sensor, heater, legionella filter, matrix and valve.

How do duct humidifiers work?

A duct humidifier is installed in the supply duct behind the heat recovery unit, thus becoming part of the ventilation system. As soon as the relative air humidity falls below a certain level (we set the value ourselves), the humidifier kicks in.

Here is how the humidification process works:

  1. Humidity levels in our home are decreasing
  2. Dry warm air passes through the HomEvap humidifier
  3. Filtered water (Legiosafe®) naturally evaporates on a special matrix
  4. Then, the humidified air is distributed to the ventilation duct system and to connected rooms.
  5. The humidification process is regulated by a wireless room controller and a duct sensor.

Technical sheet hru-wall-wiDownload the technical sheet for HomEvap humudifiers

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