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PV system = 702 tons of CO2 less

PV system = 702 tons of CO2 less

Alnor Ventilation Systems reduces the carbon footprint! We just completed the installation of solar panels on our warehouse roof. 12,500 m2 of roof area was covered with 2,542 solar panels. The installed power of the PV system is 966kWp.

A photovoltaic system will generate an average of 865,000.0kWh (865MWh) of power annually to power our factory. This is roughly equivalent to the average annual electricity consumption of 360 households, while at the same time preventing 702 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere per year.

What are the benefits of photovoltaics?

The use of solar energy is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of producing energy. As opposed to traditional energy sources such as coal, oil and natural gas, solar energy is renewable and "clean", which means it does not pollute the environment or release greenhouse gases.

More information on solar energy can be found in the article What is Photovoltaics?