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A new model in the SlimAIR family is arriving!

In Q4 2023, we will introduce a new model of the HRU-SlimAIR-800 heat recovery unit. It is easy to decode this HRU model: the capacity will be 800 m3/h at 100 Pa. The design inherits the best features of the SlimAIR series, which include an EPP casing, a PET counter-flow heat exchanger with a very high recovery rate, and energy-efficient EC fans.

It is natural that the size has grown with the capacity: 386 x 1079 x 1397 cm. The HRU will also be available with a counter-flow energy recovery ventilator, intended for projects where moisture recovery is required. Traditionally for ALNOR air handling units, the controllers and sensors will connect wirelessly, but this time a version with wired controls will also be available.

Rekuperatory z serii SlimAIR



HRU-SlimAIR technical sheet 

2023-07-19Efficiency and great appearance in one solution.

Efficiency and great appearance in one solution.

CWS-COMBI – an innovative air intake and exhaust unit for efficient forced ventilation where there is little installation space. Thanks to a unique design, fresh air is taken simultaneously with ejection of waste air and without cross-flow within a small space.

The unit is perfect for heat recovery systems where there is no room for traditional ventilation ductwork. It is made of durable galvanised steel and powder-coated in RAL9010 for a great finish. There is an integrated drip cap to protect the exterior wall from dirty weeps, and a mesh to fend off debris. The product is available in the RIGHT- and LEFT-HAND versions.


CWS-COMBI technical sheet  


2017-04-07Roof support frames & accessories

Roof support frames & accessories



Do you need to run a ventilated roof installation? We have an ideal solution for you:

  • Thanks to the roof supports, you will spread the weight of the device to a larger roof surface,
  • Wide choice of brackets available in ST-ROF-SET sets: H / 4/6/8 gives you the possibility of any configuration,
  • In addition, it is easy and fast to mount it,
  • Robust construction is designed for heavy loads,
  • ST-ROF-AWL-STR roof racks available in various lengths, 
  • Weather resistant,
  • The structure minimizes the risk of damage to the roof surface,
  • ST-ROF-AF feet by adjusting the tilt angle will help to level the installation,
  • ST-ROF-MAT anti-vibration mats effectively reduce vibration and noise. 


Wsporniki dachowe i akcesoriaLearn more about roof support frames & accessories

These and other products for ventilation and heat recovery can be found in the PRODUCTS section 



Our company has joined the International Association Eurovent, which since the 1950s actively influences the legislation and technical regulations in the HVAC industry. As an independent, non-for-profit association, it unites national associations and leading manufacturers of process cooling, ventilation and air conditioning  industries in order to, via democratic decision-making and transparent methods, set the modern standard for the entire HVAC industry.

The contribution of the industry, namely manufacturers with highly specialized technical knowledge is an important element of Eurovent’s activity, therefore created regulations relate to the realistic possibilities that the market is able to offer. Alnor aims to participate in this process, sharing knowledge and experience to come together and improve the quality and attractiveness of products and HVAC systems.

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