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2007-08-29Technical Catalogue for SQUER®systems

ALNOR | news - Technical Catalogue for SQUER®systems

The continues development in terms of technical information for offered goods by the company ALNOR, we would like to present you Technical Catalogue for rectangular elements of SQUER system. Mentioned above catalogue includes full information connected with:

  • Order of measurement of the chosen ventilation fittings
  • Information referring to guessed setups and dimensions
  • Technical drawings and photos which enable easy and without any mistakes reading and adjustment of ventilation fittings
  • Technical information in terms of parameters for installations being created from rectangular ducts

Each discription is the same as in ALNOR CAM programm.

We would like to invite you for drawing out full version of Technical Catalogue with rectangular elements of SQUER® system

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2007-08-07WENTYLE – design assistance

ALNOR | WENTYLE – design assistance

Since August, there is a free software WENTYLE 3.5 version, accessible! The most interesting elements of this software are:

  • Control of matching the sections on points of contact of the elements
  • New database of SMAY products
  • Increase in the number of views of some bodies

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2007-07-25Alnor CAM – calculation assistance

ALNOR | Alnor CAM – calculation assistance

Meeting your needs, concerning higher flexibility and higher control level over the activities performed, we would like to propose you a software that makes meeting these challenges possible. Alnor CAM is a stand-alone software that is used to create specifications of rectangular elements, thanks to which you will be able to create easily and in a professional way the offers for your clients or to place the lucid orders.

We are at your disposal to answer any questions

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2007-07-04Thank you for visiting us at SHK Moscow

ALNOR | aktualności

We would like to thank you for all guests visiting our stand and taking part in the SHK Moscow 2007. We are very pleased to present the offer of ventilation elements – both for ducts and bends, and also ventilation accessories.

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2007-02-24Build with ALNOR

ALNOR | aktualności
If you would like to help yourself and first of all your customer in building rectangular ventilation ducts please utilize our full range offer with prefabricated elements.

  • The elements for complete building wall intake mounted galvanized and steel.
  • The elements for building galvanized and steel mutiblades dampers with possibility to choose the kind for blade and the way of closing which can be hand or mechanical.
  • The elements for building rectangular ducts with main construction parts: profile PQ (20, 30, 40) and corners NQ (20, 30, 40) are accessible also in acid – resistant and aluminium version.
  • Amortization tape (AMT) with dimension range from 23/60/35 to 70/100/70 in standard version, and special one strengthen with high temperature resistant tape together with metal elements made from acid resistant steel.
  • Another supporting products: reinforcement of rectangular ducts, damper mechanisms, zinc in spray and sealing filler.

All elements with standard dimension are accessible at our stock. If you would like to get more information and details please make a contact with our Sales Department.

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2007-01-04Wentyle 3.2 - NEW elements

ALNOR | aktualności
We would like t recommend for tests and implementation the freshest version of special program WENTYLE 3.2., which was spread by interesting and useful application and statement.

  • The library of elements with SPIROVAL ® system – including the data base of ducts and bends with oval vertical cross.
  • The statement with measurement of elements including surface of ducts and bends counted accordingly to DIN 18379. To prepare calculation this is possible to add parameter which helps to calculate approximate value for all small ducts and bends.
  • Creation of statements to KNR – where the program divide ducts and bends for sections accordingly to diameters and group of perimeters. As a result we can get the sum of surface development for further calculations.
  • Adding “Command” to searching bend by number and calculation the speed in duct by drawing accordingly to path.

We would like to encourage for taking up free of charge complete version of this program.

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2006-11-07ALNOR will „fix” you

ALNOR | aktualności
We would like to invite you for usage of our assembly accessories dedicated for ventilation ducts.

  • UVHGM - double clamping ring offered in the range of diameters from 80 to 1600 mm equipped in double rivet cap M8 and M10 and vibration sealing made from EPDM rubber. Accessible also without sealing and occurs as UVHM
  • FB - perforated tape with the length of 25 rm and thickness 0,6 or 0,8 mm
  • KLQ - “ G “clamp for joining profiles of rectangular ducts
  • EQLS and EQZS – suspensions of type L and Z for fixing rectangular ducts equipped in anti-vibration sealing
  • TKS - tightening band for flexible ducts adjusted for given diameters from 100 to 350 mm. Available also as a set: TKSE – tightening tape in the 30 rm roll and TKSL- screw clamp packed by 50 one package
  • PG – screwed rod available in diameters M8 or M10 and 1 or 2 m pieces
  • TKN - M8 – tightening clamp “B” clamp for PG rod fixed to steel ceiling profile Available in the sets for diameters of rod M6, M8, M10
  • TAL - aluminium sealing tape with temperature resistant till 80°C and thickness 30 microns. Available also as tape TALE with strengthening net with dimension of eye 5x5 mm

The goods are available at our stock in very competitive prices. To get more information please make a contact with our Sales Department.

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2006-10-09NEW air blowing products

ALNOR | aktualności
The company ALNOR has spread offer with wide range of air intake and exhaust elements. We would like to encourage you to use ALNOR accessories.

  • KI and KU - air intake and exhaust valves
  • KCN - chromo nickel in-off valves
  • UELA and UVLA - air intake chromo nickel valves
  • KSO-P - fire-resistant valves
  • NCP - round ceiling intake diffusers
  • NCD-S- rectangular ceiling intake diffusers
  • NKWD-C - rectangular rotational intake diffusers
  • Air uplift cans for round, rectangular and rotational valves

If you would like to get more technical and price related information, please do not hesitate to send your inquiries directly to our Sales Department.

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