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2008-07-28Wentyle 4.0

2008.07.28 | 2008.07.28 | Wentyle 4.0 are now available!!

From 28.07.2008 is available new version of Wentyle in Polish language.
Wentyle 4.0 in English and Russian version will be available from September 2008.

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2008-07-18New B2B browser by photos

2008.07.18 | New B2B browser by photos

If you are not sure whether you choose correctly – see how the product looks like!

If you have doubts about product names – now you will find elements without any problem, thanks to functional B2B browser by photos.

Orderings are easier and you avoid mistakes!!

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2008-07-15Build your success with ALNOR

2008.07.15 | Build your success with ALNOR

Take advantage of the full prefabrication elements’ offer, and help yourself and your customers in building rectangular and round ventilation systems:

  • Aluminum and steel dampers building elements with possibility of choosing blade QPA (traditional aluminum damper’s blade), and possibility of manual and motor closing.
  • Rectangular ducts building elements in which main component is profile PQ (20, 30, 40), and side corner NQ (20, 30, 40), available also as stainless and aluminum
  • Oneblade round damper mechanism
  • Flexible duct connector, dimensions from 35/60/35 to 70/100/70 as a standard, and with using high temperature connector and stainless elements
  • Aluminum and stainless air intake wall-mounted building elements
  • Other accessory like: rectangular ducts reinforcement, galvanized spray, sealing compound and screw, slide cap, steel pad

  • If you would like to get more information about offer, please contact with our Sales Department.

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    2008-06-30We help in designing - new base of Wentyle

    30.06.2008 | We help in designing - new base of Wentyle


    Wentyle, owned by Alnor, was improved by new base of Belimo’s motors. Belimo joined to our wide group of producers, whose have already possessed their base in our program.

    Besides rich base of fittings and ducts, now in Wentyle are available also motors to ventilating dampers.

    Nowa biblioteka BELIMO-Siłowniki zawiera:

  • Typical motors

  • Motors for squer and round dampers, all size scale

  • Motors with digital control and with swing-return

  • Download our new version of Wentyle

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    2008-06-30 Alnor CAM – calculation assistance

    2008.06.30 |  Alnor CAM – calculation assistance

    To assure better support in designing, we added more functional facilities to AlnorCAM.

  • Improved menu (simplified mode of filling in fittings sizes)

  • All fittings in 3D

  • New option which allows exporting elements to Excel – and printing them as order list

  • New product in AlnorCAM base is diffuser bend – also available in 3D.

    Download our new version of AlnorCAM

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    2008-06-18Flexible installation

    2008.06.18 | Elastyczna instalacja

    Be certain what you sell and fix - choose elements which possess certificates – collect your installation without any problems.

    • Sonoduct PE AD-L
    Sonoduct PE AD-L is made like Sonoduct AD-L, where steam-proof foil is placed between inside cover and isolation. Steam-proof foil prevents from getting liquate water steam to the isolation.

    • Sonoduct 50 AD-L
    Constructed in same the way as Sonoduct AD-L, but instead 25 mm isolation was used 50 mm rock wool isolation. Sonoduct 50 AD-L is suitable where higher temperature resistant isolation is necessary.

    • CombiFlex
    Flexible ventilation ducts are made of aluminum and PVC layer, additionally settle on screwed rib. Higher temperature resistant inside the duct is assured by aluminum layer. Aluminum application allows on frequent shape and site changing.

    • SonoPVC
    Flexible installation ducts are made of PVC inside, heavy-duty by steel spiral. Covered by rock wool, thickness 25 mm, and PVC coat, thickness100 microns. Also available SonoPVC-50, thickness 25 mm

    If you would like to get more information, please contact with our Sales Department.

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    2008-05-12Alnor plus Certificates = SAFE INSTALLATION

    Alnor + Certificates = SAFE  INSTALLATION

    Be certain what you sell and fix - choose elements which possess certificates – collect your installation without any problems.

    • Hygienic certificate on rectangular ducts and fittings
      It does not depend whether it is hospital, swimming pool, dairy, house or office – galvanized, acid-resistant and aluminum ducts always alike clean and safe.
    • The fire classification for flex ducts
      Use for ventilation and fire-places - you can be sure non- flammable installation
    • Swedish technical approval SITAC on tightness class D
      Save machinery power and improve building’s energy-savingness thanks to more leakproof connection of round ducts
    • ITB technical recommendation for assembly system
      Save money and be sure of the assembly system. The certificate includes - T-roads, clamps, suspensions of type L, V and Z, mounting profile, assembly clamping rings and other elements of assembly system.

    All certificates are available on our web page - and are valid only with copy of invoice.

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    2008-05-07AQUA-Therm Kiev 2008

    ALNOR | AQUA-Therm Kiev 2008

    We would like to invite you to visit Aqua-Therm Fair which will take place in Kiev (Ukraine) between 14-17 of May 2008. Especially we want to ask you to visit our stand 16-67 in hall 3.

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    2008-04-04New ventilation accessories ALNOR – Grilles, Suppliers, Diffusers

    2008.04.04 | New ventilation accessories ALNOR – Grilles, Suppliers, Diffusers

    You are invited to make yourself acquainted with our latest offer of ventilation accessories:

    • Chrome nickel-plated valve KCN and plastic KPP
    • Chrome nickel-plated louvre UELA, UVLA, USUF
    • Ejector with returning flap USUA and bars flap USMS
    • Stainless wall mounted grilles USSE and join take-offs
    • Aluminium wall mounted grilles USAV
    • Floor grilles ULMA

    If you would like to get more information, please get familiar with our technical information.

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    2008-03-04We invite you on MCE 2008 Exchibition

    2008.03.04 | We invite you for MCE 2008 Exchibition

    We would like to invite you to visit Mostra Convegno Expocomfort Fair which will be in Milano between 11-15 of March 2008. Especially we want to ask you to visit our stand V51 in hall 22.

    It will be big plesure to meet you there

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