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2008-05-07AQUA-Therm Kiev 2008

ALNOR | AQUA-Therm Kiev 2008

We would like to invite you to visit Aqua-Therm Fair which will take place in Kiev (Ukraine) between 14-17 of May 2008. Especially we want to ask you to visit our stand 16-67 in hall 3.

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2008-04-04New ventilation accessories ALNOR – Grilles, Suppliers, Diffusers

2008.04.04 | New ventilation accessories ALNOR – Grilles, Suppliers, Diffusers

You are invited to make yourself acquainted with our latest offer of ventilation accessories:

  • Chrome nickel-plated valve KCN and plastic KPP
  • Chrome nickel-plated louvre UELA, UVLA, USUF
  • Ejector with returning flap USUA and bars flap USMS
  • Stainless wall mounted grilles USSE and join take-offs
  • Aluminium wall mounted grilles USAV
  • Floor grilles ULMA

If you would like to get more information, please get familiar with our technical information.

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2008-03-04We invite you on MCE 2008 Exchibition

2008.03.04 | We invite you for MCE 2008 Exchibition

We would like to invite you to visit Mostra Convegno Expocomfort Fair which will be in Milano between 11-15 of March 2008. Especially we want to ask you to visit our stand V51 in hall 22.

It will be big plesure to meet you there

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2008-02-07Bookmark SALE in B2B

Bookmark SALE in B2B

Save where others pay

Order elements unused by the others.

Order elements unused by the others.

All products easy to get without useless formality

You are flexible save even 40 percent of costs more than usual

All prices shown in bookmark SALE – enter and compare

You always know what to collect

Option “elements to download” enables to check what you ordered and when you can collect your purchase

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2008-01-21Mobil Rack for SPIRAL ducts – save Your time and money.

Mobil Rack for SPIRAL ducts – save Your time and money

Mobil Rack for SPIRAL ducts – save Your time and money

Save time unloading transports, get rid of mistakes during counting.

Be mobile inside and outside of the warehouse

Move sets from place to place as often as You want to and use them immediately.

Can You afford a warehouse losses?

End of the crumpled and dirty ducts, tower Mobil Racks and save the warehouse area.

Build Your advantage.

You can take more advantage connecting orders for Mobil Rack sets with web orders B2B.

Download PDF file with Mobil Rack offer

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2008-01-16The Diamond of the FORBES 2008

The Diamond of the FORBES 2008

All our customers, suppliers and partners we want to thank for the award we worked out together - the Diamonds of the Forbes 2008. We count on further trust and common successes in 2008.
In category „Small and average enterprises” we achieved 238th position, and the leading letter of the Forbes magazine we present in enclosure.

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2007-12-04Alnor CAM in 3D – be the Lord of the situation

Alnor CAM in 3D – be the Lord of the situation (image)

Be the Lord of the situation, earn more thanks to Alnor CAM.

Check how it works.

Reliability, flexibility in operation, minimizing of mistakes in processing of documentation.

Build Your advantage.

Considerably quicker time of realization connected with competitive price and quality.

Don’t let anybody fool You.

Finally, You know how many meters of ducts You need, thereby You can avoid unpleasant surprises.

You can take more advantage connecting Alnor CAM with web orders B2B.

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2007-11-30Class “D” – tightness guarantee

ALNOR | News - Class “D” – tightness guarantee

Now you can be sure of assembled by you installations with rubbers. Inspected system of round elements produced by Alnor has Certificate of the tightness class “D” accordingly to the norm SS-EN 12237.


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2007-08-29Technical Catalogue for SQUER®systems

ALNOR | news - Technical Catalogue for SQUER®systems

The continues development in terms of technical information for offered goods by the company ALNOR, we would like to present you Technical Catalogue for rectangular elements of SQUER system. Mentioned above catalogue includes full information connected with:

  • Order of measurement of the chosen ventilation fittings
  • Information referring to guessed setups and dimensions
  • Technical drawings and photos which enable easy and without any mistakes reading and adjustment of ventilation fittings
  • Technical information in terms of parameters for installations being created from rectangular ducts

Each discription is the same as in ALNOR CAM programm.

We would like to invite you for drawing out full version of Technical Catalogue with rectangular elements of SQUER® system

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2007-08-07WENTYLE – design assistance

ALNOR | WENTYLE – design assistance

Since August, there is a free software WENTYLE 3.5 version, accessible! The most interesting elements of this software are:

  • Control of matching the sections on points of contact of the elements
  • New database of SMAY products
  • Increase in the number of views of some bodies

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