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2010-01-08Wentyle 5.0

ALNOR | Wentyle 5.0


Download our new version of Wentyle 5.0 with changed goods' codes

The latest version of WENTYLE was improved

  • new technical information in PDF - download and install

    Download our new version of Wentyle 5.0:
  • Wentyli Polish version
  • Wentyli English version
  • Wentyli Russian version

  • Learn more about: Wentyle 5.0

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    2009-11-19Faster and easier than before - B2B 3.0

    ALNOR | B2B


    Your B2B in new version 3.0 !!!


  • Actual catalogue cards of our products - - in PDF format within read
  • See how the product looks like – New photos of our products
  • Faster and more efficiently - new engine of browser by photos !!!
  • Catch offer – New bottoms of finding our special offers and sales

  • Always be on-line!!!

    Order faster and more enjoyable.
    Next news … soon!!!

    Need login and password ???
    It’s not a problem – contact export department you will have it immediately !!!

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    2009-08-10 Attention - changes in goods' codes

    ALNOR | aktualności


    Attention changes in goods' codes

    New price list -> check new codes
    New technical catalogue -> will be available from 13-08-2009.

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    2009-07-30Complete acid-resistant Ventilation Systems

    ALNOR | aktualności


    Now in ALNOR you can buy all stainless and acid-resistant ventilation elements.


  • Round ventilation fittings and ducts -> also available with EPDM seal
  • Rectangular ventilation fittings and ducts
  • Silencers, also available with acid-resistant perforation
  • Clamping rings
  • Clamping rings
  • G-clamp
  • B clamp TKN

  • For more details and offers contact with our Sales Department .

    You want to have certain installation - use checked products!

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    2009-06-16New technical catalogue

    ALNOR | aktualności

    New version of technical catalogue with changes in goods' codes is available.

    Download catalogue with updated technical information

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    2009-05-26Do not give up - save your time and money

    ALNOR | aktualności


    Hard times? Now you are able to save even more.

    Decide what mode you want to be served, save or pay and demand.

  • You won’t give up!! - be certain of what and how much you pay - on-line access to your terms of order processing – use the most transparent tools.
  • Not cheap enough ? - price-list bookmark allows to negotiate prices on-line
  • And to this!! - On-line stock, monitoring of orders’ status, view into your accounts, on-line sales and promotions

  • Be always on-line!!!


    Most of our customers have already got B2B account- and YOU??????

    Need a login and password??
    Contact with sales representative! → Contact

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    2009-05-13 We help in designing - new version of Wentyle

    ALNOR | Wentyle 5.0


    New, free version of Wentyle 5.0 is available!!!

    The latest version of WENTYLE was improved:

  • measurement of the area of sheet metal standard DIN
  • selection of the cross-section according to the velocity in the duct
  • special new types of specifications
  • new base of DIN rectangular air ducts

  • Download our new version of Wentyle 5.0

    Learn more about Wentyle 5.0

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    2009-04-27Alnor - Polish gazelle of the business

    2008.07.15 | Zaskakujące podwyżki stali

    One more time Alnor has received award for the best companies in Poland.
    We thanks for it.
    Next time we will not disappoint too.


    - Alnor

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    2009-04-14 Safe installation

    ALNOR | aktualności


    Be certain what you sell and fix - choose elements which possess certificates – collect your installation without any problems.

    See our new Hygienic certificate:

  • Hygienic certificate on rectangular duct's silencers of stainless sheet

  • All certificates are available on our web page - and are valid only with copy of invoice.

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    2009-04-02Alnor CAM – calculation assistance

    ALNOR | aktualności

    New version of AlnorCAM 018* is available.

    To assure better support in designing, we added two new fittings in 3D into new version of AlnorCam.

  • TR8 - Skew coaxial tee-pieces with rectangular outfall
  • TR9 - Skew coaxial tee-pieces with round outfall

  • Download our new version of AlnorCam

    * To check version of AlnorCAM, use keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V .

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