Terms of Payment

What are the terms of payment?

We insure all partners with Euler HermesWe send them an application for granting a credit limit. If the limit is granted, then we set a deferred payment date.

What if I don't get insurance?

If we don't get insurance, then prepayment or letter of credit is also possible. In selected countries, we can offer our own insurance up to EUR 10,000 after 2 cash transactions of at least EUR 1,000.

What happens if I am late with the payment?

We send payment reminders if you are late with your payment. Please notify us of any problems you encounter, and we will figure out how to resolve them. However, if we do not receive any information from you, we will initiate the debt collection procedure. Remember that shipments will be suspended in case of overdue payments.

How and when will I receive the invoice and other documents?

Most companies choose e-invoices, which means invoices and other documents are sent by email only.  If you agree to this form of invoicing, our system sends the document to you to the provided email address immediately after issuing it.

If you do not agree to this form of invoicing, we will send you an invoice by post.

After shipment, we will also send you a loading specification so that you know which goods are on which pallet. It will help you check the delivery and find the items you need faster.

Logging in to the B2B platform gives you access to all financial info:

  • balance,

  • credit limit to be used,

  • list of invoices and overdue payments, + you can open a PDF file and print it:


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