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Modular Dust Extraction Ducting

Clamp-together tubing
TRANS-Quick Modular ductwork is a complete ventilation system of galvanised ducts and fittings with diameter range from Ø 100 to Ø 600 mm with rolled edge for industrial dust extraction systems.  Industrial dust extraction ducting is used in welding industry, metalworking industry, woodworking industry, energy industry, ceramic, food and pharmaceutical industry. Installation air-tightness is crucial for this type of systems, since any kind of leakage may cause dust get outside of the ductwork and reduce dust extraction efficiency.

TRANS-Quick modular ducting system consists of butt-welded pipes, bends, tees, reducers, adapters and sliding dampers as well as the most important element namely - FLKA-C clamps which ensure strong and airtight connection of components. TRANS-Quick modular system has rolled-up lip at 90-degree angle, about 5-7 mm height.

Connecteur rapide pour installations de dépoussiérage

FCollier de serrage FLKA-C avec raccordement vissé 


Pull rings

Collier de serrage FLKA

Connecting clamps - most important component?

Quick-release clamp connects rolled up components joints, ensuring fast and easy assembly and disassembly, no screw, rivets or welding necessary. The time-saving and economic solution, since taking apart the TRANS-Quick system and putting it back together does not include any specialised tools, welding, duct tape or any other time- consuming joining methods etc., what is more we can reuse the same components of the installation.

dust extraction ducting

Quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the ductwork

Modular TRANS-Quick system design enables making simple modifications by adding and replacing components or relocating the entire ductwork, e.g. during expanding machinery park or changing floor plan - dismount the installation and reassemble in the new place.

BENEFITS of TRANS-Quick system are:

1. Strong longitudinal seams that are butt-welded to ensure airtightness of the installation.
2. Quick and easy assembly.
3. Quick disassembly and putting together system again - reuse and reassemble components.
4. Flexibility – adaptable connection to existing ventilation systems.
5. No rivets, screws, or welding required.
6. Perfect solution both for new and existing systems in need of modifications.

Technical sheet


Mobile Ducting for Dust Extraction Systems
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Technical catalogue - TRANS-Quick system
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