Industrial ventilation

2020-05-19 Ductwork Airtightness vs. Gasket Selection

Do you know that airtightness in ventilation systems is an important issue affecting the airflow and system effectiveness? A number of requirements and quality standards imposed by manufacturers determine the competitiveness of that solution.


2020-05-05 A Complete Guide to Marine HVAC System Components

Shipbuilding is a highly challenging process especially in terms of installation of ventilation systems and air conditioning. The ventilation system must be resistant to changing weather conditions, high humidity and salinity, while being failure-free and easy in maintenance.


2020-05-05 What types of ductwork are used in ventilation? Part I Spiral Ductwork

A ventilation air duct is the basic element of a ventilation system. Ventilation ductwork can be divided according to its shape, namely, circular, rectangular and oval or acc. to the material: metallic rigid or flexible ducts or non-metallic semi-rigid.


2020-04-30 Why Does Stainless Steel Corrode? - How-to Guide for Stainless Steel Use

Does stainless steel rust? Unfortunately, it does. Although stainless steel is known from high corrosion protection properties and is recommended for aggressive environments, it doesn’t give complete “immunity” to corrosion.


2020-03-13 How-to: Welding plastic ventilation ductwork

The choice of welding method is determined by the form of the joined elements, applications, operating conditions, chemical structure and physical properties of the joined materials. In this article, you will learn the techniques of welding plastics.

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