Industrial ventilation

2021-10-13 Ventilation for Spas

In recent years, more and more spa facilities have been built. They are enjoying increasing interest among its customers. Due to their unusual nature and functions, these buildings are very heterogeneous and thus require a specialist approach at every stage of implementation, from design to execution.


2021-10-12 Corrosive environments vs. ventilation systems

Pipes and ducts in HVAC systems are important for the operation in residential buildings as well as industrial facilities. The corrosion resistance and strength of the steel ventilation system depend on factors. Read the article to find out!


2021-10-08 Ventilation of laboratories

Ventilation in the laboratory is necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of employees and good air quality during the product tests. Investigate the dangers of a poorly chosen ventilation system.


2021-07-23 What is ventilation?

Ventilation is nothing more than the process of removing polluted air from rooms and providing fresh air in its place. Find out about the advantages and disadvantages of natural, mechanical and hybrid ventilation!


2021-02-10 Roof support systems - Product range overview

Roof installation accessories are a range of fixtures and tools for easy and safe suspension of round and square ventilation ducts. Roof installation accessories are a range of modular roof support kits and roof feet, as well as other accessories that make the assembly easy and fast.

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