Air flow regulators for ventilation installations

 air flow regulators


Mechanical ventilation systems are becoming much more widespread than natural ventilation systems. Changes in regulations which now require to install recuperator units in houses after 2013 have strengthened this trend. To ensure optimum room air conditioning, it is necessary to control and adjust the air flow within the ventilation system.

Air flow regulators are used to automatically adjust the air flow in a ventilation system. They allow to alter the air output to set the optimum air conditioning for each room within a building.

The cheapest solution which guarantees proper adjustment and balancing in the ventilation system are the CFR-PVC regulators.

CFR-PVC regulators are automated units which guarantee constant air flow volume. The damper is fully opened at the low nominal pressure value. Further increase in pressure value causes the damper to close gradually so that the air flow volume at the regulator remains constant.

The use of CFR-PVC regulators eliminates the need to make measurements and adjustments to the installation before first run. CFR-PVC regulators ensure constant air flow in ventilation systems. They are made of PCV plastic, equivalent to class A1 (DIN 4102). CFR-PVC-HP regulators are used in systems with higher overall pressure.

CFR-PVC regulator features:

  • working range - 50-200 Pa for CFR-PVC and 150-600 Pa for CFR-PVC-HP, • working capacity - from 15 to 500m/h (possibly up to 700) for CFR-PVC and from 50 to 1200 m/h for CFR-PVC-HP,
  • maximum working temperature: 60°C,
  • functions: air intake, outtake,
  • made of: plastic (the regulator unit consists of casing, adjusting piece, spring and valve),
  • automatic adjustment of air flow,
  • installation does not require special tools,
  • washer ensures full insulation,
  • easily incorporated in a design.

CFR-PVC regulators can be used both in intake and outtake installations, both in vertical and horizontal system arrangements.

Installing the regulator entails inserting the device according with the indicated air flow direction into the duct with diameter matching the regulator size. Rubber washer guarantees proper insulation.

air flow regulations montage

Illus. no. 3 Installing the regulator in round ducts


To ensure proper operation of the regulator, it is recommended to observe the following principles during installation:

  • duct section in straight line before the regulator unit 3D – air intake,
  • duct section in straight line after the regulator unit 1D – air outtake.


To facilitate easy installation of regulators and measuring instruments, Alnor product offer has ventilation ducts fitted with a hinge-mounted inspection hatch. Due to the universal latch, it is possible to open and close the hatch multiple times, allowing full access to the duct. The ducts are fitted with two-lip EPDB rubber washers.

Air flow regulators for ventilation installations
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