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2020-05-08 The Beginners Guide To Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Guide for Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery - Find out what you should know before making a choice. What is heat recovery ventilation? How does it work? Where to install the Heat Recovery Unit at home? and more...


2020-01-07 What is an Electrostatic Precipitator and how does it work?

Electrostatic Precipitator is a more efficient air purifcation solution than standard non-woven filters (e.g. HEPA filters), which clog up much faster, thus reducing the efficiency of the entire ventilation system. Find out how it works!


2019-07-09 FLX-REKU - Air Distribution System for the MVHR

Spiral, metal, rigid ducts next to flexible ducting (flex) are the most typical solutions for air distribution ductwork in the MVHR system – both have the pros and cons which we discuss later in the article – however, there is also the third option – modular air distribution ductwork using semi-rigid non-metallic ducting – radial or oval.


2019-02-20 MOCarz-CA - Upgraded air filtration with activated carbon

Referred to also as activated charcoal or activated carbon is a substance in the form of dust consisting of elemental carbon, and finely crystalline graphite. The most important feature of actrivated carbon is a vast surface of adsorption. Adsorption is the process by which liquid or gaseous molecules are concentrated on a solid surface, in this case activated carbon (activated charcoal).


2018-07-18 14 Things You Need to Know about PremAIR

Already here! Our newest heat recovery unit - designed and constructed by Alnor's R&D department - PremAIR-450 with 90.3% heat recovery. The latest components available on the market were used for its design and production - see for Yourself - get to know 14 things that You simply need to know about PremAIR.

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