Residential ventilation

2020-12-11 Does MVHR system replace air conditioning?

Improving air quality in a building is a goal that both the heat recovery unit (HRV) and the air conditioning unit fulfil, but the similarity between the 2 systems actually ends there. Learn the difference between an MVHR system and air-con.


2020-08-13 Heat Recovery Unit Filters

Clogged, dirty filters are the most common cause of HRV failure. The dirtier the filter, the lower the efficiency of air filtration, which means higher power consumption and energy consumption, and therefore higher operating costs.


2020-08-12 Is the MVHR system noisy?

How noisy are the HRV units? Does an MVHR system require a sound attenuator? These are valid questions that should be asked when designing and executing proper heat recovery ventilation system. Find out what mistakes to avoid to eliminate noise!


2020-07-10 The Ultimate Guide to Decentralised Heat Recovery Ventilation

Single-room Heat Recovery Units are a great solution for retrofitting older buildings. The ductless HRU is not recommended? When is it better to choose standard MVHR system with ducting? Read our comprehensive guide where we answer FAQ and find out!


2020-05-08 How to control heat recovery ventilation (HRV)? - the best solutions

More and more we rely on automation to significantly reduce time and our interference in processes we perform every day. This also refers to MVHR systems. See an overview of possible control systems.

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