Residential ventilation

2021-06-02 What is the Constant Flow (CF) module?

The Constant Flow is a system based on the principle of maintaining a constant airflow rate in the ventilation system. Ventilation systems will go out of adjustment during use, which is a natural process. Check out why an HRV with CF function is worth the investment


2021-04-23 MVHR Plenum box - Steel vs Plastics

Plenum boxes for HRV systems to connect semi-rigid ducting and air valves. The questions in which type will the best: steel or EPP, with or without seals? Check our article to find out➞


2021-04-22 Mechanical ventilation and effective cooling in summer

In the wintertime, we often hear about the advantages of heat recovery ventilation, but how does it work in the summertime? Is mechanical ventilation also effective for cooling a house?


2021-03-08 What Heat Recovery Unit do I choose?

Which heat recovery ventilator is best? It depends... There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Yet, we've selected TOP 5 things You need to consider when choosing heat recovery unit. Read it to find out!


2020-12-11 Does heat recovery venitlation replace heating?

When preparing to build a house, you have to take care of many issues and make countless decisions. You will also have to choose the right heating system that will meet your expectations and be energy efficient. Can the HRV replace a heating system?

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