Residential ventilation

2023-09-14 How to improve indoor air quality with a ventilation system?

Improving indoor air quality can be accomplished by installing an efficient air ventilation system. A well-designed positive ventilation system assists in the removal of pollutants and the circulation of fresh air throughout the space. To begin, proper ventilation must be ensured by regularly cleaning and maintaining the system's filters and ducts.


2023-09-14 How to choose the right ventilation system for your home?

Maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment in your home requires a proper household ventilation system. A well-designed house ventilation system helps in the removal of polluted air, and the control of moisture. With so many options on the market, selecting the best home ventilation system for your home can be difficult.


2022-05-11 The best single room heat recovery unit

A single-room heat recovery ventilation system is a great option for homeowners who want an effective ventilation system but cannot install a traditional mechanical ventilation system. Which SR heat recovery unit is right for you? Read our article to find out.


2022-04-29 HRV with zoning - How zoned HRV help reduce energy consumption?

We have an abundance of heat recovery system options. Our family can choose the perfect system based on the criteria: price, performance, and comfort. Can a HRV system be tailored to meet the needs of an individual household? Absolutely, with the SmartAIR mechanical ventilation system.


2021-08-31 HRV filters - Are all filters the same?

Air exchange is the primary function of the ventilation system. When the MVHR system is used, the air is additionally filtered for pollutants before it is supplied to the rooms. Is every air filter going to ensure we don't breathe in smog?

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