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Alnor knowledge base

Ventilation duct tools

2013-03-26Ventilation duct tools

An increasing number of companies begin to value workmanship quality, fl exibility and task delivery speed. For this reason, apart from the good prices offered by sales platforms like www.alnor-b2b., it is important to use actual tools for cutting, joining and installing ventilation ducts. See below for product examples which are perfect for manufacturers of ventilation components as well as contractors and suppliers.

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FLX-REKU innovative ventilation system

2013-03-21FLX-REKU innovative ventilation system

FLX-REKU system consists of ventilation ducts, plenum bo- xes, and other components that make for a full installa- tion which may be connected to the recuperator.

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Ventilation duct tightness

2013-02-08Ventilation duct tightness

Market awareness of the issue of ventilation duct tightness is improving. Duct tightness tests are increasingly more frequent - unfortunately, they are sometimes conducted after the works had been finished which prevents making corrections.

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Fresh, cool and well moisturized air in your house

2013-01-24Fresh, cool and well moisturized air in your house

The air in the rooms collects various impurities, such as carbon dioxide, dust, pollen or steam. Excess water condenses on the walls causing dampness, which leads to the development of mold and fungus. To ensure proper air exchange, a ventilation system is needed. The decision to install a ventilation system is to be made at the design stage for the planned house or refurbishment.

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STRUT installation system

2012-12-07STRUT installation system

The installation accessories system based on LDB profiles with a full set of profile connection elements under different angles allows to prepare duct fixtures tailored to each individual interior.

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Diffusers and jet nozzles

2012-11-21Diffusers and jet nozzles

Diffusers are used as ending pieces for ventilation systems to be placed in wall or ceiling surfaces. It’s a perfect solution when it is necessary to both ensure proper air exchange parameters in an interior and at the same time preserve the aesthetics of interior arrangement.

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Heat recovery ventilation - what is it?

2012-11-15Heat recovery ventilation - what is it?

What is heat recovery ventilation? It is a process of recovering energy from stale/used air using an HRU. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery provides fresh, filtered air and removes used air with high CO2 content.

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The main task of the recuperator is to expel foul air and supply fresh air with specific parameters - temperature, moisture, efficiency.

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Recuperation equals savings

2012-11-15Recuperation equals savings

Recuperation has become a fashionable trend in the modern construction business, mostly due to the savings potential it offers.
Additionally, the growing investor awareness and better availability of the energy-saving materials mean that mechanical ventilation systems win more and more popularity.

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Iris dampers for circular ductwork - accurate and quick airflow control

2012-11-15Iris dampers for circular ductwork - accurate and quick airflow control

Quick, silent and efficient – these are the distinctive features of the GBL iris dampers used to adjust and measure airflow. GBL iris dampers allow for quick and exact adjustment of the airflow. They work very well wherever accurate airflow adjustment and individual control over the comfort conditions and parameters are required.

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