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Ventilation duct silencers
Photo of product Ventilation duct silencers

Together with matching fittings and ducts, silencers provide a
complete system for building ventilation ductwork. The wide
range of various types and versions allow adapting silencers
to virtually any design requirements.

Round silencers are fastened with self-drilling screws or blind
rivets, either of which are driven through the ductwork length
overlapping the connection flange inside. All parts with a
diameter over 315 mm have female joints and require two
additional male couplings for connecting with the ductwork.
Square silencers are fastened with screws at steel corner straps
and with a KQL G-clamp which fastens two flange frames.

Silencers are intended to reduce noise levels generated in
the ductwork by fans and AHUs and transmitted through the
ductwork from the ventilated rooms. The flexible design and
compatibility with other ventilation system components allow
installation in exposed areas.

The dedicated software suite, AlnorSILENT, helps designers in
selecting the right silencer for specific fans and expected noise

Ventilation duct silencers
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