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Rectangular sound attenuators

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SLC rectangular duct silencers are designed to attenuate noise in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. They are usually installed between the fan and the supply or exhaust duct, and before the air diffusers. The rectangular sound attenuator consists of a casing and integrated attenuating baffles. The casingis made of plastic, with a frame made of plastic profiles at the ends, and a version with female connections is also available. The baffle is rounded on one side and consists of a plastic frame and a sound-absorbing infill that absorbs acoustic energy. The sound-absorbing infill is a combination of non-flammable mineral wool panels. Its outer
surface is covered with a special, abrasion-resistant fabric that protects the mineral wool. The mineral wool panels are covered with a glass fiber veil in black,the coating is suitable for air flow velocities up to 20 m / s.

Thera are following baffle designs:
L – sound-absorbing baffles

SLC rectangular sound attenuators are installed in ventilation ductwork, attenuating baffles should be installed in the vertical plane.
During transport, storage and assembly of the attenuators on the construction site, be careful not to damage the surface of the baffles.

Available materials - example of designation
PVC-SLC-... - Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
PPs-SLC-... - hardly flammable polypropylene PPs
PVCW-SLC-... - Polyvinyl chloride - white
PP-SLC-... - polypropylene PP
PP-EL-s-SLC-... - hardly flammable conductive polypropylene PP-EL-s
PE-SLC-... - polyethylene PE
PVDF-SLC-... - PVDF material

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